Bailout talks in Brussels between the Greek government and the institutions have ended late Thursday night without a major breakthrough that would enable the return of the institutions to Athens and the successful conclusion of a ‘staff-level agreement’.

An ESM spokesman said on Friday that ‘some’ progress has been made in Brussels talks and the institutions and the Greek government will continue the talks from their respective headquarters.

A Greek government official confirmed that ‘in person talks in Brussels have conluded’ and that the ‘two or three’ issues that remain unresolved is expected to be agreed ‘in the next few days’.

A source with direct knowledge of the talks said that main issues of disagreement are the reforms in labour market and the energy sector.

Greek PM Tsipras sent a letter to EU Council president Donald Tusk and EU Commission president Jean-Claude Jucker on Thursday urging EU leader to ‘respect’ the acquis communautaire on the labour market legislation. Greek officials warned on Thursday that Greece was not ready to sign on the Rome Declaration if there was no mention of ‘the need to protect social and workers’ rights in the EU’.

Photo by Theophilos Papadopoulos/Flickr

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